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What is the Microsoft Surface’s battery life like in the real world?

Estimated battery life ratings from manufacturers are all well and good, but nothing beats usage in the real world. I’ve been using my Surface with

November 21, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets

Skype for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface updated with Messenger integration and bug fixes

The initial release of Skype for Windows 8 – as well as Windows RT devices like the Surface – was great to have, but it was a

November 20, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Living with the Surface – Day 1

At long last, the Surface is finally available. After spending the entire day playing around with the device, it’s time to give my first impressions.

October 26, 2012 Microsoft

Microsoft Surface preorders sell out, now shipping in 1-3 weeks

If you were looking to get your hands on one of Microsoft’s brand new Surface with Windows RT tablets on launch day, you’re going to

October 20, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets

Surface with Windows RT now available for preorder starting at $499 [Updated]

The highly anticipated Microsoft Surface tablet has gone up for preorder. The device will start at $499 for the 32GB version, but you’ll be able

October 16, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets

Which will you choose: Windows 8 or Windows RT?

In exactly one month, Microsoft will make Windows 8 available for purchase and retailers around the world will begin selling new desktops, laptops, and tablets

September 26, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets
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