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Latest PSP firmware requires PS3, $11, and extra MS Duo

Sony released a new firmware update (version 3.0) for the PSP on Monday that included, among other features, the ability to download and play original

November 22, 2006 Tips & Deals

Upload videos in one click with Pure Digital

It’s not the most attractive gadget out there, but Pure Digital’s newly updated Point & Shoot Video Camcorder is ahead of the game with its

October 17, 2006 Tips & Deals

Samsung 10-megapixel camera phone

Man, those folks in Korea have been busy! Samsung’s 10-megapixel SCH-B600 camera phone, announced in the spring, appeared on Korean store shelves today bearing a

October 10, 2006 Tips & Deals

First 50GB Blu-ray movies

It will likely be a few years before portable Blu-ray disc players hit the market (assuming the format doesn’t follow the path of the UMD),

October 09, 2006 Tips & Deals

Play Tetris on your fridge

Now you can get your Tetris fix while deciding between a late-night snack of cold pizza or leftover Chinese takeout. The guys over at the

September 24, 2006 Tips & Deals

A website that replaces your ruler

Will wonders never cease? The Internet already simplifies life’s most arduous tasks (you know, shopping, paying bills, filing taxes), and now there’s a site that

September 22, 2006 Tips & Deals

Forget about wind-ups with Walkie Bits

They’re certainly not a shining example of Japanese technology, but Takara’s Walkie Bits musical turtles still received top honors by Time magazine when it was

September 21, 2006 Tips & Deals

Download videos from Amazon!

Amazon just got even better today with the launch of its Amazon Unbox Video Store and companion Windows-only video player. In addition to offering episodes

September 07, 2006 Tips & Deals

Dust off your old CDs

I recently found out about Millennium Music, who offers a pretty good trade-in program to get brand new iPod products. Assuming your CDs and DVDs

July 14, 2006 Tips & Deals
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