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RoundR app adds a simple touch of WebOS to Android

Most people have probably forgotten about WebOS, Palm’s failed attempt at building a beautiful touchsreen smartphone OS. Of course, the eventual failure of WebOS doesn’t

April 18, 2013 Android, webOS

WebOS makes its way to the ASUS Nexus 7

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t the only Nexus device that has been found running webOS – we can now add the ASUS Nexus 7 onto the growing

January 02, 2013 Tablets, webOS

Open webOS x86 .iso available for download and use

Just about a month ago, HP made good on its promise to release the webOS source code and turn Palm’s OS into a community project.

October 16, 2012 webOS

HP CEO Meg Whitman says company won’t introduce a smartphone in 2013

A mention of HP is something of a rarity at Pocketables, mainly because the company hasn’t produced many notable pieces of mobile tech in a

October 04, 2012 webOS

Open webOS found booting on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime

When HP made webOS open source a short while ago, it wasn’t expected that much would come of it. After all, there aren’t many people

October 01, 2012 Hacks, Linux, webOS

HP fulfills its promise, releases webOS open source beta

Nine months ago, I announced that HP had plans to open source webOS in order to keep the operating system alive. I guess it takes

September 10, 2012 webOS

FCC tears apart HP TouchPad Go, makes us yearn for webOS

Remember webOS? I do, too, and that's why these pictures hurt me so much: I'm staring at something beautiful that never happened. It's the TouchPad Go,

April 04, 2012 UMPC, webOS

webOS browser source code released by HP

Regardless of how poorly webOS has been treated by HP, the operating system still has a strong presence among the minds of the tech community.

February 14, 2012 webOS

HP announces Open webOS 1.0, will be completed by September

When HP announced that it would be open-sourcing webOS, the entire tech industry was really shocked. Most people expected some sort of sale or revamp

January 25, 2012 webOS

HP assigns new webOS and Cloud “manager,” still semi-serious with webOS?

HP hadn't been keeping itself together very well for a very long time, but it's starting to get back on track. webOS was made an

January 18, 2012 webOS
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