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HP would’ve sold webOS and Palm assets for $1.2 billion

The past several months at HP have been very confusing. HP was going to spin off its PC division, sell webOS, and (in my mind)

December 28, 2011 webOS

HP finally does the right thing: WebOS is now open source

WebOS has had quite an interesting life. It was developed by Palm to run the Pre, but smartphone and its successors were hardly successful. When

December 09, 2011 Features, webOS

HP TouchPad Go spotted in the wild

Well, HP is certainly not putting the above tablet into mass production anytime soon, if at all, but it's still nice to see the Opal/TouchPad

November 14, 2011 webOS

I hope webOS doesn't end up in HP's hands after all this

Yesterday, newly-hired HP CEO Meg Whitman held a meeting to discuss the future of webOS, a pretty hefty investment of $1.2 billion back on April

November 09, 2011 Features, webOS

HP may remain in the tablet business thanks to Meg Whitman

After all the turmoil that HP has been through, the surprising choice of Meg Whitmas as the new CEO actually seems to be steering the

October 28, 2011 Microsoft, UMPC, webOS

HP keeping PC division, hopefully webOS, too

So, it seems that RIM isn't the only company that can't come up with a truthful thing to say. Today, HP announced that it has

October 27, 2011 webOS

HP deciding fate of webOS, Palm this week

Over the summer, HP killed off its webOS division. It sent shockwaves throughout much of the mobile industry, since webOS was once owned by Palm,

October 10, 2011 webOS

Leo Apotheker is gone, Meg Whitman takes his place as HP CEO

I'm not going to say that I don't understand the tech industry right now, because that's far from the truth. But I'm also not going

September 22, 2011 webOS

HP TouchPad Go leaked images make us mourn its death

The TouchPad Opal, little brother to the HP TouchPad, was a good-looking 7-inch tablet with the added distinction of running WebOS. Unfortunately, with the death

September 19, 2011 webOS

HTC may consider purchasing WebOS

Although Samsung has fervently denied rumors that they would purchase the recently deceased WebOS, new information from Taiwan hints that the OS may be getting

September 12, 2011 webOS
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